Parent’s Reactions to the Issue

So your question at this point might be what do parents think of this issue?  Are they even aware that recess is being shortened? Here’s a news clip from September 2008 about the Spokane Public School District and parents reactions to the shortening of recess.



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3 responses to “Parent’s Reactions to the Issue

  1. I like how most of your blog posts have included bullet points to give readers a easier time reading through text-heavy posts. I wish in addition to this video you added some bullets to summarize what the video is going to talk about so for those who may not have time to sit through the lengthy visual can get a basic idea of what parents think of recess.

  2. evangelinelyu

    I’m not surprised that parents are unhappy about this issue. Without recess, kids will lose focus and maybe start disliking school in general

  3. I’m glad that you posted this video. It goes along perfectly with the point you are trying to make and I found it pretty interesting! I agree that it be a great supplement to post the key ideas presented in the video with bullet points.

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